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Children of John W. Small

Francis: (1st child)

Born: 1846
Died: ?
Resided in Thomaston, Maine
Never married

Captain George (Frederick): (2nd child)

Born: 1846
Died: 1939

Gravestone at Green Mount Cemetery in Hammonton, NJ. The stone must have been placed long after his death. It is more modern that those of the day. Also, there is an original headstone with his initials (GFS) to the left of this stone. In addition, the stone must have been funded by two families because there is a MacFarland name inscribed on the reverse side of this gravestone. This matches a MacFarland headstone which is behind this area. 

Captain George's wife Josephine Montgomery's mother was Margaret Mary MacFarland and she lived with them in 1910 in Hammonton.  She was 83 and a widow.  She must have died before 1920 and is buried near George and Josephine (hence: the MacFarland name on the reverse side of this gravestone).


Married Josephine Montgomery
Born: 1854
Died: 1939
1 son: died age 6

Seth: (3rd child)

Born: March 1850
Died: June 18, 1850

John Bradford: (4th child)

Born: April 25, 1853
Died: ?
Married Henrietta Richards
Adopted Florence
Florence married Lawrence DeWalt
They had 3 children, Laura, Fred, & Shirley

Charles Emerson: (5th child)

Direct line descendent!  See separate page:

Otis Clifford: (6th child)

Born: May 19, 1864

Died: 1929

Gravestone at Green Mount Cemetery in Hammonton, NJ

Married Annie Louise Geppert

Born: July 9, 1865

Died: March 26, 1951



Born: June 5, 1887 Died: September 21, 1982

Married Charles B. Miller, had 1 daughter, Louise Elizabeth


Born: April 29, 1891 Died: ?

Married Anna Margaret Williams

3 children: Louise, Fed William, & Jack Edward


Born: July 30, 1892 Died: August 21, 1975

Married Charles Mawson and had 2 children, Harriet Emma & Gordon

Remarried after death of Charles to John Jennison


Born: December 8, 1893 Died: ?

Married Harry Croasdale and had 2 children, Jane Eleanor & Virginia Clare


Born: September 6, 1895 Died: ?

Married Samuel Clauss and had 10 children, Albert, Margaret Elizabeth, Fred Otis, Helen Francis, Warren Edward, Charles Robert, Hilda, Martha Francis, Freda, & Richard Alan

Milton B., Born April 19, 1898 Died: February 21, 1903


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