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Elizabeth Werner's married name was Fitting.

Elizabeth Werner

Her son Phillip, married Ada Hale and lived on Walmer Street in Hammonton, NJ. Their children, Marge and Marilyn, and I, have common Great Grandparents, Abraham Werner and wife Rosena. Therefore we are 2nd Cousins.


Marge & Marilyn Fitting at the Small's Home at 136 Maple Street -1943


The Walmer Street property was the house where Charles Emerson Small raised his children. It is assumed that they also owned the 160 Maple Street property which backs into the Walmer Street lot. Clifford Charles Small and wife Mary built the 160 Maple Street House when they were married in 1911.


Fitting's Home at 185 Walmer Street, Hammonton, NJ as it looks today



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